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These are photographs of a series of three chased silver dishes photographed by two different photographers Jay Watson and Paul Mounsey, with very different results. These were made as a contribution the Hereford Alloy jewellers exhibition ‘Habitat’.

In addition to be interested in exploring the possibilities of deep chasing in silver I am also interested in the photographic or printed image made from the object. Much, maybe most, of contemporary experience  is through the manipulated printed or digital image rather than the direct contact with the object itself.


The second of three 300 mm diameter chased silver dishes made as my contribution to an Alloy group project, their subject flowing water, something that, as an open water swimmer, fascinates me. I wanted to create flow and counter flowing eddies endlessly circling.

dish-2-cBelow is the third of  300 mm diameter chased silver dishes. I once justified non functional silversmithing, jugs with hole in their bottoms, to sculptor friends by saying that  the vessel played the same role for some makers as a life model might for an artist. It might only be the starting point as a vehicle for exploration and expression. I cannot pretend that these dishes serve a practical purpose. Rather they were vehicles through which to explore technique in an attempt to make an object to hold the eye as flowing water does, its pattern of flow  always following the same pattern but never the same.From the very beginning  objects have been made for ceremonial, symbolic and purposes other than functional use.

These dishes are about the process of ‘chasing’, open water, and my response to both. dish-3


Chased and oxidised 300 mm diameter silver dish, one of a series. I am fascinated by playing variations on the theme with recursive, asymetrical but balanced flowing design using the expressive qualities of silver.

Aumbry to hold the Holy Oils in St.David's Cathedral

Aumbry to hold the Holy Oils in St.David’s Cathedral


Silver with gold detail

Silver with gold detail


Silver set with topaz and with gold detail

Silver set with topaz and with gold detail

Alter Cross

silver, bronze and gold detail

silver, bronze and gold detail